About us

MAS is a Polish manufacturer of industrial cooling and energy recovery equipment and systems.
The MAS company is a Polish production and engineering company in the refrigeration and energy recovery industry (electricity, heat and cold) based in Starachowice. We have over 30 years of experience in the industry and several hundred successful implementations for domestic and foreign clients. Recent years have been a period of dynamic development and investment in research and development activities, which translated into the construction of a new production plant and the Research and Development Center.
We specialize in the design and production of energy-efficient refrigeration equipment and systems, industrial heat pumps, energy recovery installations and innovative solutions for energy storage and adsorption refrigeration systems. The production of devices is based on our own original technical and construction solutions. We approach each order individually.

We also carry out refrigeration installations, tank-pump sets and commissioning of devices and systems manufactured by us, and we provide maintenance services. Our research and development department also performs unusual projects and analyzes in the field of refrigeration and heat recovery.

We invite you to contact our technical and sales representatives who will select the right solutions for you.
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