Industrial processing

We offer a wide range of solutions for the industrial processing industry, such as:

  • Cooling of typical and non-standard machines
  • Conveyor cooling
  • Autoclave cooling
  • Control cabinet cooling
  • Printer cooling
  • Laser cooling
  • Press cooling
  • Compressor cooling, compressor heat recovery systems
  • Cooling of industrial products – water, air
  • Plant cooling
  • Cooling and heating of other equipment and processes
  • Industrial heat pumps for process heating
  • Industrial heat pumps using waste heat
  • Industrial heat pumps for central heating, DHW
  • Adsorption cooling towers using waste heat
  • Implementation of blow cooling systems
  • Cooling units on belt conveyors
  • Heat recovery from compressors and process components
  • Replacing gas boiler houses with systems based on heat pumps
  • Tank and pump sets for various industrial applications
  • Heat storage for industrial plants
  • Cold stores for industrial plants
If you are interested in cooling, heating or heat or cold storage systems in the industrial processing industry, please contact us, our consultants will select and price optimal solutions for you.

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