Food industry

We offer a wide range of solutions for the food industry, such as:

  • Heat recovery systems from condensers at fruit and vegetable stores and cold stores
  • Warehouse cooling
  • Pasteurizers cooling
  • Homogenizer cooling
  • Sterilizers cooling
  • Mixer cooling
  • Conveyor cooling
  • Cooling of tables/worktops
  • Chocolate cooling
  • Juice cooling
  • Meat cooling
  • Fat cooling
  • Freeze dryers cooling
  • Pulp cooling
  • Alcohol cooling
  • Cooling of fruits, vegetables, and other food products
  • Heat pumps for pasteurizers
  • Cooling and heating of other equipment and processes
  • Tank and pump sets for various applications
If you are interested in cooling, heating or heat or cold storage systems in the food industry, please contact us, our consultants will select and price optimal solutions for you.

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